Are flippers or swimming aids allowed?

Flippers and other swimming aids (pool buoys etc) are not allowed.

Are Wetsuits allowed?

Wetsuits and swimsuits are allowed.

City of Holdfast Bay Fast Lap

The Fast Lap is a premium sprint race around the Jetty with cash prizes. The race is aimed at elite swimmers.

  • To qualify for this event nominate a 200m freestyle time on your entry.
  • The Brighton Jetty Classic Race Committee will select a maximum of 25 male and 25 female swimmers for this race.
  • For Fast Lap consideration swimmers must be registered in the 400m Swim Event.
  • The Fast Lap is a free Event and if chosen you are also eligible to swim in your age group 400m event.
  • Those who have been chosen for the Fast Lap will be notified by the Monday before the event and via the email address provided on entry.

Tell me about the Swim?

There are three swims on offer:

The Jetty Swim, which is approximately 400 metres, the “Channel 7 Brighton Jetty Classic” which is approximately 1500 metres, and the “On the Same Wave Swim”, which is approximately 100m.
There is also the Marilyn Jetty swim and Charity 400m swim for those who are raising funds for one of the Fantastic charities.

Entry to the 1,500m swim is open to ages 12+. Swim time and race is determined by age group, with an all ages elite swim also available. This event is timed, and prizes are awarded.

Entry to the 400m swim (and Charity swims) is open to ages 10+. Swim time and race is determined by age group, with an invitational 400m Fast Lap for those that are eligible. This event is timed, and prizes are awarded.

Entry to the 100m Family “On the Same Wave” swim is open to ages 8+. All entries swim together and this event is not timed.

Race Rules

IMPORTANT: Swimmers should aim to be in close proximity to the Marshalling Area at least 20 mins prior to your allotted starting time.

At the discretion of the Race Director, age group waves may be combined or delayed. Keep close to the Marshalling Area and listen for any announcements.

Competitors entered in the 400 Fast Lap (males and females) and in the Open 1500 (males and females) must marshall and mark their name off with the Chief Marshall at least 5 mins prior to their start time, or they will not be permitted to compete. The start time will not be held for late competitors.

All swimmers will be required to have an official swim cap and an official body marked identification number. All swimmers will be timed  and will require a timing band on their ankle. The timing band must remain on the individual throughout the event. There is a timing Band for each event that you swim in, so please be aware of which Timing Band is for which event.

Swimmers must swim the course as marked on the race map below. Any variation to the course will be announced prior to the start by the Race Director.

Swimmers who cross the start line before the starting horn or take course short cuts are liable for disqualification.

Race Officials shall have the authority to remove a competitor from the race if the competitor is judged to be physically incapable of continuing the race without risk and injury to themselves or others. This can include swimmers who are deemed unable / unlikely to complete the 1500 course in 50 minutes.

No extraneous aids are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, fins, boards, snorkels, and personal support teams.

Brighton Jetty Classic: Duty of Care: For water safety reasons, Rash Shirts, T-Shirts, Stinger Suits, Fast Skins and Wet Suits are permitted.  Remember to Slip – Slop – Slap.

Protests must be made in writing and given to the Race Director within 15 minutes of the announcement of the provisional results. All decisions of the Race Director are final.

Terms & Conditions

  1. I hereby attest and verify that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for the competition that my physical condition has been verified by a licensed medical doctor and that I agree to be bound by the official rules and regulations of the Brighton Jetty Classic Swims.
  2. I hereby consent to receive medical treatment which may be thought advisable by a Medical Practitioner in the event of injury and/or illness during the Event.
  3. Refunds Policy: I hereby agree that if I do not participate in the Events for any reason, or if the Events are cancelled due to a storm, rain, inclement weather, winds or other Act of God conditions or safety concerns my entry fee shall be non refundable.
  4. I, acknowledge that entry to and participation in the 1500 & Jetty 400 involves a risk of danger and the possibility of an accident causing injury, death or property damage or loss and that any participation in the events by me or any person under my legal responsibility is at my own risk and I hereby release and forever discharge, to the maximum extent permitted by law, Brighton Surf Life Saving Club Incorporated and its members, race sponsors, Commonwealth and State Departments and Instrumentalities, Medical and Paramedical Practitioners and personnel, and all other persons involved in the organization, conduct and promotion of the Event and their respective employees, servants, agents, contractors, consultants and officers, Brighton Jetty Classic Event Organisers from all liability for claims, loss, damage, costs of expenses (whether arising under statute, from negligence, personal injury, death, property damage, infringement of third party rights or otherwise) that I (or any person under my legal responsibility) have or at any time in the future may have arising from or connected with the Event.
  5. I, consent to Brighton Surf Life Saving Club Incorporated, the sponsors of the Event or third parties appointed by them to use, without restrictions, any images, film, sound recording or photographs captured or taken of the Event before, during or after the event without compensation. I am aware that I am disallowed from displaying any advertising, or marketing identification of any sponsor, which is in competition with the Sponsors.
  6. I, acknowledge that the Brighton Surf Life Saving Club may also use my personal information for the purposes of providing me with promotional material from Brighton Surf Life Saving Club sponsors or third parties. I may advise the Brighton Surf LIfe Saving Club if I do not wish to receive from the Brighton Surf Life Saving Club, any sponsor or third party material.
  7. I consent to Brighton Surf Life Saving Club Incorporated, including its volunteer medical staff, collecting health information about me in the form before or during any treatment given to me in the course of the Event for the purposes of providing medical treatment or first aid. I warrant that all information I provide is complete and accurate.
  8. If any part of a provision of this agreement is void or unenforceable that part shall be severable and not affect the enforceability of the remaining provisions.Privacy Statement.
  9. Privacy Statement
  • Brighton Surf Life Saving Club incorporated collects personal information about you for the purposes of Organising and administering this and future Events, including assessing your qualification in the entry field, determining the starting groups and appointing and briefing of volunteer medical staff and marshals required to run the Event
  • Providing medical treatment or first aid to you, if required
  • Publishing result times and place finishes in newspapers and other publications contacting you to attend or assist with future Events and other functions arranged by Brighton Surf Life Saving Club andContacting any family members or friends nominated by you to be contacted in case of an emergency.
  • Brighton surf Life Saving Club Incorporated discuss your health information to volunteer medical staff who provide health services and medical treatment at Events.
  • We also disclose your name; postcode, result time and place finish to publishers of newspapers, such as the Advertiser & Messenger Press.
  • If you do not provide all the information requested by Brighton Surf Life Saving club Incorporated we cannot accept your entry into the Event.
  • If you do not provide all the health information requested by the volunteer medical staff they may not be able to provide you with adequate health services and medical treatment, and you may experience delays in treatment if you are transferred to a medical centre or hospital.
  • You can access and ask to update or correct any of your personal information by contacting Brighton Surf Life Saving Club Incorporated during the hours of 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week at [email protected]
  • Entrants will confirm via website or BJC Registration Form that they have read and agreed to the terms and conditions posted on the Brighton Jetty Classic Web Site www.brightonjettyclassic.com and/or Brighton Surf Club Bulletin Board and/or BJC Registration Form.
  • If you are 17 or under on the day of the race this declaration must be read and agreed to by a parent or guardian, to the terms and conditions posted on the Brighton Jetty Classic Web Site and/or Brighton Surf Club bulletin Board and/or BJC Registration Form.

What safety is there for the swim?

For the Day of the Brighton Jetty Classic, you will find that the Brighton Jetty Classic course is the Safest water in Australia! Brighton beach is naturally a very safe beach, because of the beach profile and a general lack of surf / wave conditions brought on by its position in the gulf of St Vincent.

The answer for water safety, is “what ever it takes.” For the First Sunday in February, every single patrolling member of the Brighton Jetty Classic is rostered onto Beach Patrol. Many choose boards, rescue tubes and surf skis to patrol and view the race from the best place, the water! Inflatable rescue boats which are one of Surf Lifesaving’s front line assets for water rescue. The State Jet Rescue Boats will visit, while the Westpac Rescue Helicopter spends most of the day circling overhead. Surf Lifesaving South Australia has its RWC (rescue water craft – waverunners / jetskis) on patrol as well. These excel in providing water safety at events such as the Brighton Jetty Classic. Plus visits from the Water Police, Sea Rescue and the Coast Guard, for one day we have the most heavily patrolled water in Australia.

On the Beach, a full Beach Patrol is available to perform first aid, while we also get invaluable assistance from the volunteer St Johns first aid teams onsite.

Where can I park my car?

Parking will be at a premium for the event. The Esplanade, and Bindarra Road will be closed to traffic. Parking along side streets is limited, and will be policed by parking inspectors. Extra Parking is available at the Brighton Train Station, and around the train line, where it intersects with Jetty Road, Brighton.

Alternatively, parking is also available at Brighton Oval, on the eastern side of Brighton Road.

Where does the event start and finish?

The Brighton Jetty 1500 is a water start on the south side of the Brighton Jetty. It swims away from the jetty, turns back and swims to the north side of the jetty, and finally, finishes on the Beach, infront of the Esplanade Hotel, on the north side of the jetty. Depending on the tide and the sandbar / beach conditions on the day, this could be a wade / run of up to 30 metres.

The Jetty 400 swim is a beach start on the waterline on the south side of the Brighton Jetty. It swims around the Jetty and finishes on the beach infront of the Esplanade Hotel, on the north side of the jetty.

What is the course for the swim?

See the map below for the course details.